Tuesday, August 12, 2008



Peter Dowker said...

Hi William,
Thank you for this image. It's actually one of my favorites of your recent work so a good choice. The fact that it's a copy made me realize that I should do this more often myself.
Keep an edge on your knife,
Peter Dowker

Anonymous said...

Billy: I build tube stuff - amps, transmitters, etc. Into electronics. So, natch, I love the '815'. You like the center tap tubes.. don't forget the audio amp power tubes: 6L6GC , etc.
Your art is GREAT ! I'm amazed at how much there is. Tillar gave me your blog address and going through it has be a gas. I LOVE THIS STUFF.
Sometime I'd like to come and see it in person.
Do you have shows ? You should !
/ paxton